The Natural Gas Service

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Procuraduría Federal Consumer business gas rates (Protection Agency Profeco) along with Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) recognize the importance of a proper choice of the fuel that you will use in your home business, so it is necessary to know that in addition to the gas service LP there is the option of natural gas.

Regarding the response of energizing, is certain that companies indicate very different prices on the web that give us commercials, and very true as Isabel, the owner of each area networks Distributor is that worst price da, not because put it more expensive but because other companies have to compete against it and prices fall.

The price of EON, is true that is one of the companies that give best price, though they demand a certain annual consumption and penalize should not remain the year of commitment, but normal, friends will not we give hard four pesetas. If a company gives us good price, they will require commitment, if not to win if we change each month?.

But energizing I have to correct you with respect to the prices that you’ve given of EON, I also took this company and it is not true that those prices are taxes included, must be applied to the electrical tax and VAT. Eon contracts makes it clear: (1) set out in these conditions prices do not include or the special tax of the electricity or the VAT, which will be passed on according to the legislation in force.

I advise to have the advice and support of a professional in cases of freelancers and companies, savings in time and money that would lead them to make these arrangements, and telling that if they themselves call the companies they will not give them offer, but the official price of the web.

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